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Health and wellness have always been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember.  My mom was always very health minded and  my memories growing up include plenty of physical activity along with enjoying home cooked food together as a family around the kitchen table.   I believe this set the foundation for my passions today.   I love learning about all the incredible connections between nutrition and our health.   I love teaching people to see those connections and to apply their newfound knowledge to their own lifestyles. 

I started to delve deeper into the world of Holistic Health once I became a mother. I had always struggled with weight and  some mental health issues, but after having children it escalated.  I struggled with pregnancy weight gain, post-partum  depression and anxiety.  During that time, I also lost a dear family member to cancer, and was dealing with some learning difficulties with my son.  I understood there was a diet and lifestyle component to each of these. As I learned and applied what I was learning to my families' diet and lifestyle, I started see changes.   I was able to lose the weight I had gained, my son was able to focus better in class and was starting to catch up in school. I was fascinated how much diet could affect so many aspects of our health and well being.  I was amazed at all the information I found in regards to cancer prevention and nutrition.  A spark was set inside me to not only learn more, but to help as many people as I could feel their best.  I understand what it is seeing a child struggle in school, I understand what it is watching a family member to suffer with a terrible disease and understand what it is to be stuck inside your mind with thoughts that aren't your own.    I also understand being busy and having limited time to prepare healthy, nourishing meals the whole family will eat.  When I started on my natural health journey, I found there weren't many resources online for parents looking to switch their families' diet to  a more whole foods approach.  My goal is to provide recipes that are fast, easy and delicious.  I try to create recipes using everyday ingredients, that children and parents alike will enjoy.  

Because of my own experiences and struggles, I desire to help people with every area of their health, but I especially want to help parents of children with learning and behavioural issues, mothers suffering from post-partum mental health issues and those wanting to prevent degenerative diseases. 

I desire to teach and equip people to take their health into their own hands.  By discovering what lies at the root of our health concerns, we are able to bring balance to the body and avoid unnecessary medical interventions.  Let's practice real health care, not sick care. 

2018 is your year to walk in health freedom! 



Digestive wellness

Nutrition and Mental Health

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Nutrition in relation to behaviour and focus

Weight Loss

Grocery Store Tours

Fermentation and gut health

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