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“I always knew that food and nutrition were related to overall good health but I certainly had no idea it healthy changes to my diet would have the positive impact that it did. Before seeing Danielle, I was too heavy, had quite high blood pressure and suffered from fatigue most days. I ate pretty much as I pleased which included a lot of junk and processed foods. She pinpointed the areas of my health that were suffering and came up with a personalized meal plan to help my body heal. Weight loss and lowering my blood pressure were my main goals. Over an 8 week period I was able to loose 20 pounds and drop my blood pressure to health levels. Danielle was very sympathetic to the fact that I loved anything sweet and all of the potato chips I could handle. The meal plan helped to wean me off of the junk food and gave me strategies to start making healthier choices. It’s been a month since my last session with Danielle and I’m finding that the changes have stuck…that I’ve developed healthy habits that I can carry on moving forward.”

Jordan P.

Danielle is incredible! I’ve only had two sessions with her thus far and have learned more than I ever expected. Danielle is teaching me to listen to my body which has not only impacted me physically, but more importantly mentally. There is so much to learn about nutrition and I’m thankful to have Danielle as my teacher throughout this journey! 

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"We are a typical busy family always on the go. My daughter has always been a fairly picky eater and by the age of 4 years old it was controlling our whole families eating habits. As new parents we catered to her and the whole family was eating chicken fingers and fries for supper all the time. This snowballed and our typical family meals became noodles and processed junk just to get food into her. My son came along and was a little more adventurous with food but I noticed he was very affected by sugar turning into a raging maniac after treats. My husband was negatively affected by certain foods but we never knew what was causing the problem so he just played Russian roulette all the time never knowing how a meal would play out.  Personally I was very tired, chasing my next coffee to get through the day, craving sugar constantly and just hoping my hormones would eventually start to get back to normal after two kids.


A friend recommended Nourishing Roots. While it was a big investment for our family it has really paid off. Danielle was very supportive, took the time to understand our personal situations, needs and goals. She worked with us on weekly food plans and I was able to touch base with her whenever I needed for support or answers. I personally got a TON out of the grocery store visit. I am in automatic mode at the store and reach for the same products all of the time. Danielle took the time to make me read labels, compare ingredients and open my eyes to understand different options available. After holding our hands for 8 weeks I feel we have learnt a lot about nutrition and our how it affects our families moods, energy and health. I am happy to report my picky eater is a little more adventurous and we don’t cater everything around her taste, if she like doesn’t a meal we still enjoy the supper and she eats whatever she will. We have realized my son is a hyper kid to start with and that processed sugar really impacts his moods and actions. It makes me more aware of how to pack his lunch with protein rich foods instead of goldfish crackers and fruit snacks. My husband became very dedicated over the elimination diet ( I was shocked!) and as he eliminated soy, dairy, eggs, caffeine and gluten for a set amount of time. As we introduced the foods back in it became very apparent what his triggers were. Danielle was able to support us learning substitutes and new recipes. Lastly for myself this process has helped me immensely. I think busy Moms are bombarded with diet culture on a race to be skinny. Danielle helped me realize health is a life long journey of always learning, listening to your body and there really are no quick fixes out there. I don’t drink coffee anymore, my hormones have stabilized with the supplements she recommended and I am feeling great.


Three months after our journey with Danielle we don’t eat perfect but we definitely make more informed choices than we did before. I have incorporated making homemade kombucha and sough dough bread into our routine (what me?!?!). I feel empowered understanding more about nutrition and the expensive campaigns out there to take my money because of diet culture. I know we aren’t perfect but at least we have better tools and the right mindset to keep learning and growing along the way. Thanks Danielle!"


Marohn Family

"Danielle has been paramount to my success!! I was in such a deep rut with my eating habits, I just didn’t know how to get out. Danielle laid it all out for me and gave me a plan. She came with me on my first grocery shop for the meal plan and helped me with everything I needed to get! I felt like I was in a cooking show! It was awesome! She explained why she chooses organic, why she pays attention to which country our food comes from, and so much more. Each week, she sends me my meal plan, which comes with a detailed shopping list so I know exactly what I need to buy for that week. And probably what I enjoy the most is the every-day support she provides. I can send her messages and ask her random questions and she always gives a great answer with so much encouragement. She’s helped boost my self esteem a lot!"

"I highly recommend Danielle to anyone who has concerns about their health, eating habits, children’s behavior and eating habits, and so much more! Danielle has helped me come out of my shell and embrace a whole foods diet, something I didn’t know much about before I met her. Her encouragement and no-judgement way of talking to me has helped boost my self esteem and confidence. Thank you Danielle!"

"I’m going into week 4 now and I have noticed a big change in my energy! Before I started the program, I was tired ALL the time. I would wake up tired, trudge through the early morning, perk up around 9-12, then hit that mid day exhaustion till around 2pm. I was going to bed at 8pm every night because I was too tired to stay awake. Now I wake up with energy and can get through my whole day without feeling that mid day exhaustion. And I’ve been going to bed at 10 every night because I can!


I also have been feeling full for much longer. I’m the kind of person who has always needed to constantly eat every other hour because I constantly felt hungry. With the food I’m eating now, I feel full longer and my cravings for sugary drinks is gone!" 

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