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What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition is a natural approach to health that uses evidence-based techniques for diet, lifestyle and detoxification. Holistic Nutrition takes into account that each person is an individual and is biologically unique. 

Holistic nutrition evaluates the complete health history, emotional state, lifestyle habits,  current diet habits and some testing when required to determine the root cause of his or her health issues.

While eating well and exercising are imperative to vibrant health, sometimes no matter how clean we eat, and how much we implement healthy lifestyle habits, it just feels like our body is betraying us.   

There is good news, your body is not betraying you!  It is protecting you. When there is a presence of parasites or candida, our body is often allowing them to stay to help counter toxins that our body is holding onto.  When we detoxify properly, and in the right order we often find the body starts to balance itself and is able to keep pathogens and other toxins in balance. 

In my programs and coaching, I will teach you how to bring balance to your body through safe detox , while supporting all of your body's system, cells while minimizing detox reactions. 

What I Offer:

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