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Could hidden mold be the culprit behind your mystery health symptoms?

Get my entire Mold 101 mini course to find out! 

15 years ago, I suspected mold was hiding in our home and my health was falling apart.   I felt crazy and everyone I talked to told me "It couldn't be mold". 

I spent way too much money on the wrong inspectors, the wrong kind of testing and didn't know about proper remediation. Meanwhile, my whole family continued to get sicker.   Doctors and even natural health practitioners blew me off and gaslit me. 
I am now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and functional practitioner dedicated to not only helping others get well after mold exposure, but helping them know which steps to take if they suspect mold in their home. 

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Are you experiencing mysterious symptoms that have left you searching for answers? It's frustrating to feel unwell without a clear cause, isn't it?

If you've been struggling with fatigue, headaches, respiratory issues, brain fog, anxiety or unexplained symptoms mold could be the hidden culprit.

Welcome to Mold 101, where we're dedicated to uncovering the role mold might play in your health challenges. We understand the uncertainty and anxiety that you feel wondering the next steps to take.  What kind of testing do you do for yourself?  Your home?  

How do you address mold SAFELY without making your family  sicker in the process

Imagine the relief of finally understanding what's been causing your suffering. With this mini course, you'll gain clarity, confidence, and a roadmap for taking the next steps to dealing with mold in your home.

  • Feeling confused and need someone to show you step by step what needs to be done  next?

  • Feeling crazy because no one is taking your concerns about mold seriously?

  • Feeling helpless watching your children be unwell?

  • Needing RELIABLE guidance on what to do next?

  • Wondering if your symptoms are even related to mold?

  • Wondering if there could be hidden mold in your home?

  • Feeling fatigued, have poor digestion, brain fog, and wondering if mold is contributing to your symptoms?

  • Wondering where to even start with testing yourself or home or how to even deal with the situation?

Are you:

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Persistent fatigue or low energy

  • Recurring headaches or migraines

  • Respiratory issues such as coughing or wheezing

  • Skin irritations or unexplained rashes

  • Allergies that seem to worsen indoors

These symptoms can be particularly distressing, especially when it comes to your child's well-being. As a parent, the worry and uncertainty can be overwhelming.

Did you know that mold exposure can have serious implications for children's health? Young ones are more vulnerable to the effects of mold due to their developing immune systems. Research suggests that children exposed to mold may be at higher risk of developing inflammatory conditions as they grow older.

In our mini course, we'll delve into how mold can affect different age groups, particularly children, and provide you with the tools to identify and mitigate mold exposure in your home environment.

Understanding these risks is the first step toward safeguarding your family's health and well-being.

Then you are exactly where I was 15 years ago, and YOU are EXACTLY who I created this course for!

Regular Price: $197

Today's Price: $27

Taking Action Against Mold

Understanding how mold affects your health is just the beginning. Now, let's talk about what you can actually do about it.

In our comprehensive mini course, you'll learn:

  1. Spotting Mold: We'll show you where mold likes to hide in your home and surroundings—no more mystery spots!

  2. Testing Made Easy: Find out when and how to test for mold in your living spaces and even in your own body. It's simpler than you think!

  3. Safely Removing Mold: Learn the right way to get rid of mold without making costly mistakes that could make things worse.

  4. Detox Tips: Discover effective strategies to detox after mold exposure and kickstart your recovery.

We'll also cover common mistakes that can unknowingly worsen your health when dealing with mold.

Get ready to take charge and reclaim your space and health from mold!

  • Imagine the relief of: finally understanding what's been causing your mysterious symptoms or your child's health struggles. With our mini course, you'll experience:

  • Clarity: Gain a deep understanding of how mold could be affecting your health or your family's well-being.

  • Confidence: Feel empowered to take decisive steps, from testing your environment to implementing effective remediation strategies.

  • Relief: No more uncertainty or wasted efforts. Our course helps you avoid costly mistakes and guides you toward real solutions.

  • Knowing that you're equipped with the right knowledge and tools to address mold exposure brings a sense of control and peace of mind.

  • Join us in this journey to uncover the truth behind your health challenges and take proactive steps toward a healthier, mold-free life.

What it costs to be un-informed about mold:

-Continued illness and health bills=$1000's/year
-Random testing to figure out health issues=$2000
-Inspectors doing only air tests and don't know what they're talking about =$500-$1000
-Failed remediation= $10,000's and worsening symptoms
-Supplements that aren't addressing the root, because you don't know if its mold= $1000's/ year


Figuring out the right steps in my mold journey cost me over $15,000 over the years.  If I would have had this $57 resource, it literally would have saved me the stress, the expense and the wasted money on the wrong people.  
$15,000 wasted!!! 

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I created this mini course so others don't waste 15 years looking for answers or paying the wrong people for testing and remediation. 

3 ways mold might be keeping you stuck in your health journey:

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Mold is often Hidden

Mold can be driving many of your symptoms, and you may never know its there. 

Mold is OFTEN hidden and cannot be seen.  It doesn't matter how old or new your house is, mold can be a problem in a brand new build.  it often is only discovered because of health symptoms.  In this course, I show you what to look for in your home and how to spot hidden mold. 


Mold needs to be addressed first.

If you are struggling with lyme, SIBO, candida, auto-immune diease, thyroid issues, and mold is a hidden issue for you, you will be fighting an uphill battle and wasting a lot of money on supplements until you finally address the mold.  Mold always needs to be addressed first.  In this course I teach you how to recognize if mold is contributing to your health issues, and what you need to do to address mold first and finally see results in your health. 


Past exposure can be the culprit

Maybe you grew up in a moldy home and never knew it.  Past mold exposure can be a driver of symptoms , even if you have left the moldy environment.  Often the only way to tell if past mold exposure may be affecting you, is to test!  All of this is covered in the Mold 101 course.  In this course, I teach you which tests you can do to see if past exposure if still affecting you and what you can do about it. 

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Mold 101 mini course

Ready to take control of your health and your home environment?

Join our mini course today and:

  • Gain the insights you need to identify if mold is behind your mystery symptoms.

  • Equip yourself with actionable steps to test, inspect, and remediate mold effectively.

  • Avoid costly mistakes and confidently move toward a healthier, mold-free lifestyle.

Don't let mold continue to impact your well-being. Start your journey toward clarity and relief now!

Regular Price: $197

Today's Price: $27

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